Union + Dixie Photography: Caleb Chancey


As a candle maker, I’m obsessed with quality. As a nurse anesthetist, I live and breathe health. Literally. That’s why my candles are only pure, clean-burning coconut wax, without the toxins found in paraffin and soy candles. And no beeswax, so they’re 100% vegan-friendly.

Union + Dixie is where a Southern belle (me!) and the Big Apple meet. From growing up in Alabama, to making a future in Brooklyn, to new adventures in Nashville (together with my husband and a certain American bulldog), Union + Dixie is the intersection of my southern roots and my New York personality.

They say nothing’s tied to memory like smell. That’s why the scent of every Union + Dixie candle is inspired by my favorite moments. But more importantly, every Union + Dixie candle is created for you, to inspire and foster new memories.

So here’s to life — and your health!

What Makes a Healthy Candle?

  • No paraffin = no carcinogens.
  • No soy. Not supporting GMO.
  • Infused with essential oils.
  • All-natural.
  • Clean-burning. No hidden toxic chemicals.
  • No synthetic colors or dyes.
  • Asthmatic-friendly.
  • A natural skin-softener.
  • 100% cotton wick. No black soot!
  • Suitable for Vegans.
  • Crafted in the USA.
  • Individually hand-poured.