Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wax is used for Union + Dixie candles?
All of our candles are made with a pure, non-GMO natural coconut wax and scented with essential oils.

What are the benefits of burning coconut wax?
Coconut wax is less problematic for asthmatics and free of toxins and harmful pollutants.  It also emits negative ions, which are beneficial to the human body.

Why is coconut a better wax choice for candles?
Many wax blends are disguised as “natural” even if they contain processed materials. Soy wax is a product of GMO ingredients and often processed with unnatural ingredients.  Another popular wax blend is paraffin, which is a petroleum byproduct that can emit harmful toxins.  Coconut is a premium, sustainable, harmless, natural alternative that produces a beautiful smooth wax.

Where are the candles produced?
Union + Dixie is proud to say that all products are made in the USA.

What is the burn time per candle?
Each 8oz pour candle will burn cleanly for over 50 hours.

Are Union + Dixie candles vegan-friendly?
Yes, there are no beeswax or animal products used in our candle production.

What type of wick is used in the candles?
All Union + Dixie candles are made with cotton wicks.

My glass candle vessel is beginning to look cloudy, is this normal?
The cloudy appearance is caused by the natural characteristics of the coconut wax and does not affect the scent or burn time of the candle.

The longer I burn my candle, the wilder the flame becomes, how do I fix this?
If the wick is too long, the flame may become unwieldy.  Simply trim the wick to ¼” and keep the candle away from drafty areas.

What is Union + Dixie’s return policy?
Union + Dixie products are handcrafted so there may be slight variations in size, color, texture and finish.  These are not considered flaws.  Please examine your order upon arrival for any discrepancies.  Claims for damaged or defective goods must be reported with photographic evidence within 5 business days of shipment arrival date and are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

How do I order Wholesale?
Please contact us at for more information on wholesale purchasing.

Do architects and designers get a discount?
Yes, please contact for more information.  In order to qualify you must have a state resale number.

Why can Union + Dixie candles only be shipped when the outside temperature is 80 degrees or less?
The proof is in the pudding! Because we don’t believe in any of those yucky additives like paraffin or soy, which increase the melting point of the wax, Union + Dixie candles have a lower melting point and are only shipped when the outside temperature is 80 degrees or less.